Attention conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, holistic practitioners and others with a mission:

"Become a confident, empowered speaker - get paid well to transform lives with your message - and say goodbye to fear and nervousness."

Become a confident and authentic speaker. Inspire your audience. Get new clients, partners, and more requests for speaking engagements... and change the world.

Do you…

  • Ever sit in the audience and think, ‘Why isn’t it me up there?’
  • Know that speaking is the best way to get known as an expert, get clients, and transform lives – but fear and nervousness get in the way?
  • Want to find your power and presence as a speaker, and even discover to love doing it?

I discovered the secret to being a confident speaker – but I sure did suffer a lot first.

My name’s Jonathan Bender, and I know what it feels like to want to deliver a message and touch people’s lives – get stopped by fear. In fact, when I was young, I even had a stutter. I spent most of my life as a really shy introvert. No one listened to me. I started speaking not because I was a natural, but because I simply needed to be heard and seen.

Fear and nervousness were unwelcome but constant companions. Through my years of speaking, I experienced so many uncomfortable things! Getting dry mouth, having my heart thumping so hard I thought it would leap out of my chest, my legs shaking, and of course stuttering.

I changed it through literally decades of study and practice. We’re talking over 27 years of speaking experience, plus my BA and two graduate degrees in performance and communication, where I spent over 40 hours a week learning cutting-edge performance techniques that most actors don’t even know. It finally got to the point where I just love speaking and how it allows me to change far more lives. Through all of my trials, I also discovered exactly how to help you become a confident, powerful, inspiring speaker – and make a great living by speaking – much, much faster than it took me.

This is the fast track to become a confident, inspiring speaker who gets clients by speaking

My goal is to help you claim your true voice and presence in a very short period of time – and easily increase your clientele and income. From over 27 years of experience in public speaking and theatre, and over 17 years’ experience coaching and teaching workshops, I’ve created a training which will help you own your power and become confident as a speaker – so that you can magnetize clients, opportunities, and awaken the vision of yourself that you know is the true, powerful you.

Please join me to…

Claim Your Voice

You will learn how to overcome fear and find your true confidence – so you can learn to love being on the stage, easily sell your services and products, and inspire your tribe that is waiting for you right now. This training is perfect not only for live speakers, but also to improve both confidence and performance on the phone and teleseminars, in meetings, when networking, and in one-on-one conversations.

Through this training, you will…

  • Stop letting nervousness, discomfort and fear hold you back from speaking
  • Become much more effective when networking, speaking, and in your consultations with potential clients
  • Discover your powerful presence, and how to bring it to the stage so that the audience in turn responds powerfully
  • Become deeply connected with your audience and with potential clients – so that they completely embrace you…and they open up and let you in
  • Feel confident, ready, and prepared for a speaking engagement at a moment’s notice
  • Get rid of vocal strain – so you never lose your voice, even when talking for hours
  • Craft a knockout presentation or speech
  • Inspire clients to work with you simply by experiencing the power of your authenticity and your presence – both on stage and one-on-one
  • Truly enjoy being on stage!

Instead of fear, this is the new you: you have an important speaking engagement. The big one. The one you’ve been waiting for. And you’re not nervous at all. You know how to prepare beforehand so that you will be at your best. When you step onto the stage, you step fully into your power and confidence. You have the audience’s rapt attention. They give you a huge ovation – and are excited to hear about your products and services.

You can achieve all of this so easily – I’ve helped thousands of people become confident, dynamic speakers. Like…

  • The coach who was unable to get clients due to being afraid to speak and not holding his power during consults – and found his confidence to easily inspire clients to work with him.
  • The CEO who always held a glass of water when on stage so he didn’t have to figure out what to do with his hands – and then became a powerful presence.
  • The woman who was asked to officiate at her best friends’ wedding and didn’t want to burden them by telling them she was petrified – and ended up being so inspirational, making everyone both laugh and cry, that she was told she had found a new career.
  • The accountant who used the exercises around presence and ease during her busiest tax season ever – and reported she also had the most relaxing time ever.
  • The architect who couldn’t get enough work due to being so shy, and her improved confidence brought both a full practice and improved her relationship with her husband.
  • The yoga teacher with such a quiet voice that no one could hear her – who ended up finding her powerful voice that shook the room.


“Jonathan is an inspiring, powerful and very kind spirited teacher. The material is very helpful for people who want to gain or improve their public speaking skills. More than anything, this course has called me forth to step into my power, and embrace it, and allow myself to claim my place as a healer and coach.”
Bushra Dudeen, Authenticity Coaching and Consulting


“Jonathan Bender digs deep into himself and his experience to present the best possible materials for his students. I am impressed by his authenticity and his connection to this work. He presents the course in an organized, focused and interactive way. I have gained insight on my speaking patterns and have a strategy to use with my “stumbling words”. Thank you Jonathan for all that you have brought to your students!”
Suzanne Waligore


“I signed up for this course to overcome a plethora of “ums” in my teleseminars, feel less self conscious when speaking publicly, and create a closer connection with my audience. I really appreciated the holistic nature of this program. Jonathan provided practical steps, visual guidance, and gently probed emotional sticking points for each of us. Jonathan is a natural teacher, and he patiently and provacatively moved us through obstacles and discomfort with being visible and vulnerable. The ‘stop saying “um” practice’ has been so helpful and Stepping into Your Presence is a very practical procedure before speaking. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to speak with confidence and share their message.
Margi McDaniel, Nourish LLC
“I am a workshop leader, a teacher and a creative entrepreneur. Which means that I am constantly having to convey information to my students through talks, or market my services through interviews. But speaking was one of those “necessary evils” related to my business that I neither enjoyed nor felt very competent at.Working with Jonathan turned that around dramatically. And actually very quickly. I had visions of it taking many months or longer before I achieved confidence and ease with speaking. But in mere weeks my experience of speaking changed from dread to excitement. I found that my true voice had been there all along. I just needed the grounded, warm, and compassionate presence that Jonathan provided to relax into my natural style of expression. And he made the whole experience fun … and very playful. Working with Jonathan has truly changed my life. Allow him to change yours.
Chris Zydel, Creative Juices Arts


Here’s some of what you’ll receive in this course:

Breakthrough #1: Find True Ease and Comfort When Speaking

The first step to becoming confident and an inspiring presence is to stop being afraid. To no longer feel discomfort when you are in front of a crowd. Believe it: it’s far easier than you think to learn how to relax, get centered, and feel really comfortable in front of the audience.

  • Consider yourself an introvert? This training is made for you. You can discover how to feel comfortable and safe – and know how to not give away your energy in a large group
  • I will show you exactly how to prepare for a talk or any other important meeting or engagement, so that you are always relaxed, at your best, and prepared so that you’ll consistently blow them away!
  • Learn the secrets to moving out of fear into actually enjoying yourself
  • Afraid of making mistakes? No more! You’ll learn the art of utilizing them to make the audience actually have greater confidence and trust in you.

Breakthrough #2: Enhance The Power of Your Voice, with Voice and Acting Techniques

Your true voice is incredibly resonant and memorable. However, due to most people’s habits of breathing and holding tension in the body, they’re not in touch with it. But you can be – very quickly.

  • Did you know that it’s actually easy to have a powerful, attention-grabbing voice that compels people to pay attention, without yelling? You will soon have this too – so you never have to worry about being ignored or feeling unseen.
  • Have you ever drooled over hearing the voice of powerful actors like James Earl Jones? You can find this same power in your own voice. Here you’ll discover the hidden codes to make every word you say magical.
  • You’ll also learn how to have powerful volume and project your voice – and well as how to master the art of sacred speaking, where people hang on your every word.

Breakthrough #3: Find Powerful Presence – that Easily Attracts Ideal Clients and Moves Audiences

So many public speaking trainings tell you where to stand, to be louder, and to move your arms about – in other words, to be go through the motions, but not to truly engage and excite your audience. This course draws on absolutely cutting-edge techniques to help you not only learn effective speaking technique, but to become far more expressive – while still being totally authentic.

  • Finding presence is easier than you think. But it requires you learning to be present – in a high pressure situation. The same tools that are used to find confidence and comfort will also help you find your presence.
  • The hardest time to be present is in a high-stakes situation – like making an offer from the stage, or in an interview. You’ll receive focused coaching on this!

Breakthrough #4: Master the Art of Irresistible Body Language & Nonverbal Communication

Up to 80% of communication is nonverbal – much of which is your body language. Use the wrong way of moving and standing, and you’ll appear untrustworthy, nervous, aloof or worse. Or, you can easily discover how to appear so confident that you’ll inspire your audience to trust and love you. This module teaches you:

  • Body language that is inviting, open, and also helps you feel strong and powerful – even when speaking in front of hundreds or thousands
  • How to use your body language to truly engage your audience, and to make it fun for both you and them!
  • Specific ways, when you are nervous and speaking to your audience, to immediately find total physical relaxation – so that you never have to be afraid of dry mouth, legs or arms shaking, your heart thumping in your chest, or other nerve-wracking physical responses

Breakthrough #5: Discover How to Truly Connect – so your audience is inspired and wants more from you!

You can be a fantastic speaker – and yet never make a sale or get positive feedback if your audience doesn’t feel you – and also know that you’re relating to them. Did you know there are actually 6 aspects to connection, and all six are essential? And yes, there’s easy to learn, step by step.

  • Master the art of eye contact – so that every member of the audience feels you connecting with them intimately and personally
  • Create true relationship in a moment, so they feel compelled to continue to connect with you, long after your talk is over
  • Touch and move your audience – and be moved by them too

BONUS #1: How to Craft a Knockout Presentation ($100 value)

Having a compelling speech is utterly important. Every speaker needs to know how to structure it in a way that keeps their attention at all times – and how to engage them not just mentally, but also emotionally. Through this bonus module, you will know how to:

  • Discover the heartfelt topic that’s your signature talk to inspire your tribe
  • Receive clear and easy guidelines for creating a compelling speech, including a speech structure and template that will always fully engage your audience, keep them on track, and lead them toward a standing ovation or sales

BONUS #2: Create Your Elevator Anti-Pitch ($100 value)

Speaking is more than just talking in front of an audience – it’s also every single act of communication we have. If you are going networking to get clients, this is also speaking! Are you getting clear results every time? Or are you tired of either feeling ineffective when networking, or using a technique that feels forced and fake? Sick of the “pitch?” The Elevator Anti-Pitch will teach you how to relax into truly being yourself while also being engaging – so that you can leave with new connections, referral partners, and new clients.

  • Be highly engaging (yet not fake or forced) with your very first sentence – so that they can’t wait to hear more
  • Discover not just what to say, but the nonverbal communication that will make the best impression and create immediate trust

BONUS #3: Two Powerful Mindset Shift Trainings ($100 value)

The fear of being judged is just one common misconception of how public speaking actually works. In the recordings of these two trainings, Jonathan presents powerful ideas to transform your fears and nervousness into heartfelt confidence.

BONUS #4: Release Your Fears with Emotional Freedom Technique ($100 value)

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is excellent for letting go of fears. While the course contains many other ways to do this, if fear is a BIG issue for you, we have a special training from EFT expert Kate Winch on releasing old traumas and finding your speaking confidence!

Included with this course, you will get:

  • Downloadable trainings – videos and MP3s – to teach you specific exercises that will transform old fears into confidence and stage presence. These will become part of your training library, so you can keep improving your skills for years to come!
  • 7 Weeks of  Group Video Coaching Session Recordings. You’ll get to practice with and learn from both Jonathan Bender and Johanna Walker, as much as you want to over 7 weeks. Each video contains  extra trainings as well as practice sessions to follow along with.
  • 2  Mindset Shift Trainings. You’ll find the right mindset to become confident,  step forward as a speaker, dissolve your blocks, and change your perspective on speaking.

Your Coaches:

Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA has coached thousands of conscious entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, and others with a mission to find their confidence, their power, and become dynamic speakers in the world. A coach for 17 years and the founder of WholeSpeak, he dedicates his life to creating transformation in people’s lives and in the world. Jonathan holds a Master of Science in Speech Communication and Performance Studies, and a Master of Fine Art in Theater: Contemporary Performance. Among his clients are TED and Wisdom 2.0 speakers, CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations, and much more.
Johanna Walker has helped hundreds of people break through their fears, step into leadership, and claim their truth through speaking, performance, and writing. She’s spent years working with adolescent girls, incarcerated women, business execs, and fledgling entrepreneurs.

Wondering if this is right for you? Here are some common myths about public speaking…

In my 17 years of coaching, I’ve never met a speaker I couldn’t help improve (no matter how much experience or training they’ve had). And if you’ve never had training, you literally don’t know what you are missing, and the small tips and techniques that will make a world of difference in your confidence, ease, your speaking style – and your ability to inspire audiences to buy from you.

Myth # 1: I could never be a speaker – I don’t have any talent.

I stopped believing in the idea of talent years many years ago. I consistently found that anyone can become a great speaker simply by learning and applying the WholeSpeak techniques and methods. This is true for you, too. If you take this course, you won’t believe how much you’ll improve, so quickly.

Myth # 2: I’m not ready. I have too much fear and I’m an introvert.

In all my years of coaching thousands of people, I’ve only run across one or two who needed some outside help. And this course is actually perfect for introverts – you get to learn and practice the techniques on your own, and then apply them in all aspects of your life. If you’re willing to simply try… you’re ready!

Myth # 3: I should wait to take this course until I have speaking engagements lined up.

You mean… wait until you’re really under pressure? While I’ve worked with many clients with limited time and helped them accomplish much, it’s best to integrate these skills over time, so that they become second nature to you.

Myth # 4: I don’t have time do this.

First of all, keep in mind that, in addition to the trainings, just 10-15 minutes a day of practicing is all you need. Also, the video and audio trainings will be yours to keep, as well as recordings of all the live video coaching sessions, so you can continue to review and utilize them whenever you need them. This course is only offered once a year – so some people do some of the course with the group, and the rest on their own later.

Myth # 5: This is going to make me look fake and like every other speaker.

While I can’t speak for other speaker trainings, the basis of this course is to help you be authentically you, and to enhance your true presence. I’m committed to helping you be yourself on stage.

Myth # 6: I can learn what I need through Toastmasters.

Toastmasters provides excellent practice – but most chapters don’t teach actual technique. They don’t address the inner world of the speaker either (to authentically address fear and discomfort, for example), and certainly don’t give you anything related to theater and performance techniques. They will, however, count all of your “ums” – which won’t help you actually change it, but might make you more self-conscious.

Myth # 7: Public speaking training only works in person.

The 42 participants who took this course last year, and all of the clients I’ve ever coached over Skype, would disagree. As well, I can’t tell you how many clients have requested videos and audios of the lessons for them to keep practicing with – which you’ll now have, to keep learning from for years to come.

This is far more than a course: it provides tangible skills that will change your life. I’ve seen it over and over, with every client and in every workshop I’ve ever taught. This isn’t hype – it’s my life’s work. And nothing would make me happier than to share it with you. Please, don’t wait – the world, and your people, need you right now.

100% 30-Day Guarantee

Full satisfaction promise: If this training isn’t right for you, you have a full-satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee.



**No-Risk Reservation Form**

“Yes, please secure my spot in the program. I’m ready to release my fears around speaking… to find my confidence and presence… to know the secrets to claiming my voice.”

When I get the Claim Your Voice Program, I will receive:

    1. The complete Claim Your Voice program. (Value $697)
    2. BONUS #1: How to Craft a Knockout Presentation (Value $97)
    3. BONUS #2: Create Your Elevator Anti-Pitch (Value $97)
    4. CONFIDENCE BONUS #1: Two Mindset Trainings (Value $97)
    5. CONFIDENCE BONUS #2: Emotional Freedom Technique Training to Release Fear and Trauma Around Speaking (Value $67)
    6. SPECIAL BONUS: One ticket to Bill Baren’s Big Shift Experience (Value $997)
    7. Downloadable Audio and Video Trainings, guiding you through every step of the process
    8. Downloadable Handouts of transformational exercises
    9. 7 Weeks of Group Video Coaching Recordings to practice with
    10. Support from other participants throughout the course!
    11. Exclusive Members-Only Website and Private Facebook Group

I understand that I am investing in the Claim Your Voice Training with NO RISK, because it comes with a full money-back guarantee for 30 days from date of purchase.

Your Investment is: $1,000

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Full Pay Option – $1,000

3 Monthly Installments of $347

I’m so excited to have you join me in this transformational journey! Thank you for joining me – I can’t wait to help you light up the world.


P.S. Did you read about the most common myths about public speaking? Click here!


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