3-Day Live Intensive Plus 3 months of Online Training and Support:

WholeSpeak Core Intensive:
Speak with Power and Presence

November 20-22, 2014, Berkeley, California 

The Premiere Training to Step into
Confidence and Expertise as a Speaker

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Please join us to…

Learn how to overcome fear and nervousness, and find your true confidence – so you can learn to love being on the stage and inspire your tribe that is waiting for you right now. This training is perfect for speaking at live events – and also to improve both confidence and performance on the phone and teleseminars, in meetings, when networking, and in one-on-one conversations.


About the WholeSpeak Method
Developed by Jonathan Bender, the WholeSpeak Method combines public speaking with performance techniques (voice, movement and acting) and personal development. WholeSpeak provides tangible means to grow your speaking skills, your range of self-expression, and yourself. Specialties include confidence, body language, authenticity, crafting expert keynotes, and becoming a dynamic speaker. More than just techniques, the WholeSpeak Method is a path of growth, to help you step into your power and your full self-expression.


About the Core Intensive: Power and Presence
This training provides all essential skills to find your confidence and power as a speaker – and, even in your life. See below for details. It’s 3 full days of training, November 20-22, in Berkeley, California.
What you’ll experience in Power and Presence:

  • A nurturing atmosphere with no judgment. This is a safe space.
  • Being encouraged to grow. Unlike other public speaking trainings that criticize and make participants feel inadequate, this type of challenge is about growing both your professional speaking skills and your range of authentic self-expression.
  • Small group support. Participants are assigned to a cohort led by a WholeSpeak coach, who will be guiding and supporting you throughout the intensive.
Who It’s For:

This intensive is excellent for a few different demographics. Perhaps…

  • …You’re new to public speaking.
  • …You’ve spoken to groups previously, and you dread it, or feel nervous/uncomfortable.
  • …You like speaking, and want to radically grow your skills and shine!

No matter what, while you want to learn great skills, you also care about personal growth and development – and want to both become a better speaker as well as a better person.


What You’ll Learn:

Grow Your Speaking Skills

  • Body language that will help you both look and feel confident, including how to gesture and use effective facial expressions.
  • How to powerfully connect with your audience – as well as one-to-one
  • Reduce and eliminate fillers like “um” and “like”.
  • Have an effective warm up routine before you go to speak.
  • Discover the secrets to putting together an effective presentation of any kind (keynote, teleseminar, or a free talk that sells a product or services).
  • Grow your networking skills and connections. WholeSpeak Founder Jonathan Bender also specializes in how to network in a way that’s authentic, effective, and fun! You’ll have the opportunity to connect authentically with other participants.

Grow Your Voice

  • Enhance the resonance of your voice. Your voice is likely richer and fuller than you may realize, and you’ll discover new dimensions of it. (You’ll very likely hear parts of your voice you’ve never heard before!)
  • Prevent vocal strain. It’s easy to hurt our voice, especially when under pressure. No more!
  • Project your voice louder and more powerfully. If you have a problem being loud enough, that’s going to change.
  • Grow your vocal power. Far beyond standard enunciation techniques, you’ll unlock the hidden power of language, which is excellent for impacting others intentionally as well as accent reduction.

Grow your Confidence

  • Know how to prepare for a talk so that you actually enjoy it and don’t panic
  • Ways to feel great after a talk, and not let your inner critic eat you alive
  • Shift your mindset around speaking, so that it’s no longer a source of fear, nerves and insecurity

Grow Yourself

  • This training is far more than learning skills; it’s about finding your power… being kind to yourself when things don’t go perfectly… and being compassionate. Many WholeSpeak participants feel like they discover a new relationship with themselves, that applies to all aspects of their lives.
  • Introduction to the Energetics of Expression.™ Speaking and communication is an exchange of energy; this foundational workshop helps you impact others intentionally.

Grow Your Power and Presence

Presence is not abstract, and it’s not a matter of “you have it or you don’t.” Presence is about the art of being present. Feeling safe enough to be emotionally open and present… being mentally aware and present, rather than wishing you were somewhere else… being embodied and physically present… and even expanding your energy. You will receive techniques to enhance all levels of your presence.

Step into your power. WholeSpeak’s approach is that power is both an internal expansion and about having intentional impact. It’s not about dominating or power over others. Instead, power is about being comfortable with who you are, and not compromising yourself… and being able to receive others while simultaneously opening to all that you are. This is crucial as a speaker… and in your life.



Many workshops offer great experiences and transformations… that soon are forgotten. Our commitment is to help you fully integrate all that you’ve learned. INCLUDED in your investment for the workshop is…


3 Months of Continued Support, including:

Your 3 months of additional support include:

  • Claim Your Voice – a 7-week online training. This will help you take all of the skills you’ve learned at the intensive, and integrate them fully. This is the surest path to having them come easily and organically to you, whenever you need them. Claim Your Voice  normally sells for $1000. See more details here.
  • 3 Months of Group Video Coaching. Join in group video coaching sessions to help you practice your skills. Sessions are led by trained WholeSpeak coaches.
  • Monthly Inspirational Calls. Join in monthly inspirational group calls with Jonathan Bender to answer your questions, take your skills further and inspire you.
  • Practice and Accountability Partners. At the intensive, you’ll be on an Inspiration Team – a smaller cohort that will be based as closely as possible on your geographic region or time zone. Each team is led by a WholeSpeak coach, who will guide your experience throughout the 3 days and work with you personally. Your team members then become your accountability and practice partners in the months to come. In other words, the 3-day intensive is just the beginning.

As well, by taking this training, you will qualify for the WholeSpeak Advanced Intensives, including The Dynamic, Charismatic Speaker.

What this intensive is not:

This is not a workshop about selling from the stage, getting speaking engagements, or monetizing speaking. If you desire to become a paid speaker, getting trained in that is also recommended; however, knowing strategies for making money by speaking is no substitute for actually knowing how to speak effectively.

Many coaches who teach topics public speaking have had no training in it. They’ve only learned very basic speaking techniques from other business-oriented coaches. The result is that many people who’ve received speaking trainings still unnecessarily suffer from nervousness and fear. The WholeSpeak Core Intensive is both for those new to speaking, and for experienced speakers ready to radically enhance their skill set.

Event Location:

RudramandirThe Power and Presence intensive will be held at an incredible center called Rudramandir, at 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, California.

With a number of hotels nearby, we have made special room discount arrangements with LaQuinta Inn, 920 University Avenue, Berkeley, 94710. Our event participants can obtain the rate of $99.00 plus tax per night. More information will be sent to participants upon registration.

About WholeSpeak Founder Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA

Headshot-for-webJonathan has been working in both public speaking and theatre since the age of 14. He was a top-ranked competitor in competitive public speaking and performance events in both high school and college, and has worked as a theatre director, actor and writer since a young age.

He began teaching acting and public speaking in 1996, and coached numerous high school and college speech teams; his students became state and national champions in the United States. After getting two graduate degrees back to back, a Master of Science in Performance Studies and Speech Communication, followed by a Master of Fine Art in Theater: Contemporary Performance, he founded WholeSpeak in 2006. Since then, thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, professionals and executives have found greater confidence, presence, authenticity and expertise as speakers through  his online trainings, live workshops and coaching. Among his clients are TED and Wisdom 2.0 speakers, CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations, and much more. Jonathan has now begun to train and certify experienced coaches and performance teachers in the WholeSpeak Method.

Refund policy: Full refund given for any reason through November 13th, 1 week before the event. After that, 50% may be refunded until the day of the event.

All participants will have a 20-minute interview with Jonathan Bender to assure a good fit for the workshop. After registering, you will be sent a link to set up a time to talk. If it turns out that the intensive doesn’t fit your needs, you will given a full refund. If you prefer to talk with Jonathan before you pay, click here: Chat with Jonathan Bender


Registration is now closed. To be informed of upcoming workshops, email info@wholespeak.com.

 Yes, please secure my spot in the Power and Presence WholeSpeak Intensive.

I will receive:

    1. The Live 3-day intensive in Berkeley, California.
    2. The complete Claim Your Voice program. (Value $1000) See http://ClaimYourVoiceNow.com for further details.
    3. Three months of online group coaching.

I understand that I am investing in the WholeSpeak Intensive with NO RISK, and that I will have a conversation with Jonathan Bender to confirm my participation and answer my questions.

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